Point of Sale -

Vehicle Graphics

Using our custom 'point of sale' vehicle graphics is a great way of grabbing the attention of a potential customer and our graphics are designed so they cannot be missed!

Point of Sale - Vehicle Graphics

For any dealership these are the perfect solution for letting customers know about; new registrations, special offers, finance offers, in fact you can put anything you want to promote on the bonnet, doors, boot and windows.

These graphics are designed in a single piece, which makes the graphics easy to put on straight. The graphics are bright, vibrant and eye catching.

We only use tried and tested removable vinyl for point of sale applications. This will save time and money when the valetors/sales apprentices remove the graphics, the single piece design reduced the chance of damaging the paintwork and once the graphic has been taken off there is no residue.


Eye Catching
Our point of sales graphics are digitally printed. This means you could have almost any colour, gradient or even a texture. The graphics are printed with a border, which will contrast the paintwork which makes it stand out even more.