You Must Wear Hand Protection Label x 10

Supplied in Packs of 10
50mm x 50mm

What is a You Must Wear Hand Protection Label?
A 'You Must Wear Hand Protection' label or sticker is a mandatory type of sticker or label that means everyone within a specified area must wear hand protection for a specific reason as required by your employer.
Where do i display You Must Wear Hand Protection Labels?
You will normally display these You Must Wear Hand Protection Labels or stickers in areas that you want everyone to wear hand protection and can be used in areas such as food prodution areas, hospitals, care homes, clinical areas, factories, shops and industrial areas.

For use on doors, glass, tiles and almost every work surface

Application Area Indoor and Outdoor

Colour - White Text with Blue Background

Finish - High Gloss

Fixing -Apply to a clean, dry and smooth surface

Material - Vinyl

Shape - Square

Sign Type -Mandatory

Size (H x W) 50 x 50 mm

Specifications / Characteristics - Quick and easy option, ideal for curved surfaces


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